Sealing performance of Ag-CuO brazing filler on porous La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ applied in an oxygenation membrane module

Düsseldorf / DVS Media GmbH (2016) [Beitrag zu einem Tagungsband, Buchbeitrag]

Brazing, high temperature brazing and diffusion bonding : LÖT 2016 : lectures and posters of the 11th international conference taking place in Aachen on 7th to 9th June 2016 / , Düsseldorf : DVS Media GmbH, 2016,


Selected Authors

Herzog, Simone
Kaletsch, Anke
Broeckmann, Christoph


  • ISBN: 978-3-945023-64-8
  • REPORT NUMBER: RWTH-2017-00546