Choosing a Course of Study

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Are you looking for your dream course of study and are faced with the first truly independent decision of your life? RWTH Aachen supports you with a multitude of services for school children, prospective students, and their teachers and parents.


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Looking for Advising

The first step to choosing a course of study is often talking to someone at the Student Advice Centre. Furthermore, there are diverse opportunities that reinforce your decision with information and personal experiences. Use these various opportunities to get advising and find out what course of study is right for you.

  • Should I even attend university, and if so, what should I study?
  • What can I study at RWTH Aachen and what is right for me?
  • Can I become more familiar with with subjects and courses of study available?
  • Where do I find the right information?
  • Who can advise me?
  • Where can I work after my studies and how do my prospects look?
  • How does the NC and application work?

How do I find the subject that is right for me?

Your first point of contact at RWTH Aachen is the Student Advice Centre. There you can get answers to all of your questions about choosing a course of study, applying, and planning out your studies. You can also find information about what RWTH Aachen services support prospective students and which of the following steps would further help you personally. The Student Advice Centre also offers special presentations about choosing a course of study. You can find current dates under presentations for prospective students.

Self Assessments

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What am I interested in? What do I particularly enjoy doing? What course of study could be right for me? When you start decide what to study are preoccupied with yourself. Do you still have no idea, what you would like to study?

Indentify Interests and Abilities and Find the Appropriate Course of Study

It is helpful to first decide what field of study interests you and then later a concrete subject. In addition to the extensive advising in person, the online advising process may also be helpful. For example the, RWTH Aachen Self Assessments.

You can discuss the results of this online advising process with an academic advisor at any time. The Student Advice Centre also offers special presentations on choosing a course of study. If you would like to look around online for what subject you can study at which German university, then the Higher Education Compass would be helpful.

Get to Know Our Courses of Study

All subjects at a glance? WIth the three big RWTH Aachen advising events, the Student Advice Centre and the faculties support you in choosing a course of study. It is best if you first attend our Berufetag, to get a first glance at the fields of study. Afterwards the, advising days offer detailed information about the individual courses of study at RWTH Aachen.

You have the possibility to have many different advising conversations within a single day, since all subjects are represented with a contact person. With the Student Advice Centre's orientation week you can use your vacation to clear up questions about starting studies - from choosing a course of study to the correct application. Departmental student advising can answer your detailed questions about the material in individual subjects and the exact course of study lay outs.

First-Year Student Information Day Martin Lux

Listen, Taste, Try Out! A Look at Individual Subjects

You can not only gather information about you desired course of study - you can also literally try it out. This way you can get real experience and really try out your chosen course of study.

Just go to a lecture - you are allowed to do that, even as a school pupil.

There is even a Lecture Directory for School Students (de). If your school agrees, you can participate in the Studying as School Student (de) program for a whole semester and later take exams along with everyone else.

Or try out an entire week of studies in a natural sciences or mathematics subject: the University Orientation Week (de) in November gives you the chance to do so.

And if you want to use the summer break to take a closer look at one of the University's STEM subjects, you can take part in the Pupils' University (de): for one week in July, you can participate in lectures, tutorials, expertiments, and field trips. Your school can sign you up for the Pupils' University.

Sample studies, a special offer for girls, provides a glance at studies, research, and everyday university life at RWTH Aachen with workshops, presentations, and lectures.

These are just a few of the many projects for pupils that allow you to get to know the university long before beginning studies. Below you can find even more:

NC & Co: Learn to Estimate Your Chances of Admission

More and more courses of study are starting to have restricted admission; they have an "NC". When planning their studies, prospective students often ask "Will I be admitted?" It might make sense to have a "Plan B" ready when choosing a course of study. The Student Advice Centre supports you in realistically evaluation your chances of admission. However, please note that no one can predict how an "NC" will develop! During a personal advising appointment, an advisor can explain the admissions guidelines to you, and you can think about what application strategy makes sense for you. If you would like to find out, how university placements are allocated and how to apply, Presentations for Prospective Students has all the information you need.