On the Topic of Asbestos in Plaster

As of late there has been renewed discussion about the topic of asbestos in plaster. All buildings constructed before 1995 could be affected by this. The responsible divisions of the department of Facility Management are extensively investigating this matter and remain in contact with the federal office of real estate holdings in North Rhine-Westphalia, BLB for short, as owner of the concerned buildings. Of course, the protection of the health of all members, dependants and visitors of RWTH Aachen is always our top priority.

Utilizing the rooms in RWTH buildings constructed before 1995, for instance for lectures, seminars, exam-taking etc, can basically be considered safe and not hazardous to our health as long as the plaster is not subject to thermal or mechanical influences that would cause dust to develop.

For further information please contact the spezialised personnel of the Area of Environment (11.22), who can be reached via here.